Guiding you past your common symptoms and "normal" labs to ultimately reclaim your vitality and redefine your health.


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I get it: you feel like hell, but according to your last doctor's visit, everything is great. You're frustrated because you know something is off. You try a different doctor. It's getting exhausting to keep cutting time out of your day to go to these different offices, relaying your story over and over only to have the same outcome-- nothing. You're pretty much over it and have accepted your current state as "your normal."

I'm here to validate what you've been feeling and tell you it's likely not normal, but there are solutions. REAL solutions that will deal with the root cause rather than just  prescriptions and steroid creams.

My goal with every patient I work with is to empower you to look beyond your common symptoms of PMS, acne or skin conditions, weight fluctuations & fatigue and stop accepting them as normal. Common does not equal normal --and certainly does not equal optimal, together we will reclaim your vitality.

I work to identify and address THE SOURCE causing imbalance; whether that's mental, emotional or physical and deal with the obstacles getting in the way of true health and beauty.

In other words, I work to help heal YOU the person rather than just stopping your symptoms.

Dr. Nadia Musavvir, ND



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Philosophy, background and journey in medicine.



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Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate principle of wisdom.
— Huangdi Neijing