My heart and passion lies in restoring your vibrancy. Wherever you are currently in your wellness journey, whether you're in need of a complete lifestyle overhaul or just need targeted support in overcoming certain obstacles to health, I will work to help you identify what it is that's in the way of you and your best-feeling self. 

I work with individuals or groups and/or businesses interested in optimizing their wellness to experience benefits such as:

  • increased (and sustained) energy

  • increased productivity

  • less dependency on caffeine or stimulants

  • increased focus and concentration

  • improvement of skin concerns

  • better mood

  • stabilized weight

  • decreased pain


Ways To Work With Me:


Initial Consultation

The first visit is 60-75 minutes in length. A lengthy intake form will be sent to you to fill out before your consult. This is to be sent in least 3-4 days before the appointment. I begin researching and preparing before we even have your first consult. 

During this appointment, I review your current health concerns and do a thorough history with you to figure out where/why your concerns began in the first place. I basically get your story which, to me, is the most important part and is why I spend so much time before and during the first consult. Based on everything I learn from you, I will figure out what organ systems are out of balance, and email you a plan within 1-3 days after the first visit. (The reason for the 1-3 day turn-around time is because extra research may be needed, as well as reviewing any past labs.) Any necessary testing is determined at this time.


Follow-up Consultation

The first follow up typically takes place 4-6 weeks after the initial consult and last 30 minutes. During this time, we go over your progress, I get any updates from you and if applicable, we go over any test results. After each follow up, you will receive  a new plan. As we continue to unfold your story and receive testing results, your protocols will become more and more individualized. If you need to check in or touch base at any point between follow ups, 15 minute consultations are available for your convenience as well. 


Lab Review Packages / General Q&A

I created this option for people who have come to me frustrated because they have labs and tests run by a provider covered by their insurance but no idea what any of it means or what information to take away from it all. So if you're looking for additional review or a naturopathic perspective to complement the conventional thought, this is for you. We can discuss and provide clarity to any questions, help you understand recommendations or diagnoses, figure out some health goals and ways to reach them and give you a clear and easy way to implement any treatment recommendations from your doctor.

You also have the option of functional testing packages which include the desired test, a 30 min consult with me to review your results along with a customized plan.


Membership Package

As part of your yearly membership you will receive:

  • Initial consult

  • (1) 30 min follow up consult every 8 weeks

  • (1) 15 min check in per month if needed

  • 15% off any additional follow ups that may be needed

  • 15% off functional labs which are not covered by insurance

  • 15% off supplements

  • Direct cell access

  • Text access


Consults are virtual and conducted via secure video conferencing. For functional testing, kits are sent to directly to you; you will either collect samples yourself or go to the nearest indicated lab if a blood draw is required. In-person visits can be arranged in either Los Angeles or Chicago. Further information on fees and policies found here.

For event bookings; all inquiries can be sent to: For information on past events, click here.