I provide individualized solutions by implementing an in-depth intake process + standard and functional testing to gather information, educate and create protocols specifically tailored to address you as a whole. 

Some of the different testing I offer:

  • Standard labs (the tests your primary care physician typically runs annually)

  • Digestive function

  • Sex hormones

  • Food allergy

  • Full thyroid panel

Protocols can include a combination of clinical grade nutrient supplementation, nutritional guidance and modifications, lifestyle recommendations, botanicals and or homeopathy to stimulate healing and balance. BUT this will require consistency, effort and diligence on your part-- I will provide the guidance and the tools to help you along in your healing journey, you will need to do the work! And again, there are no shortcuts :)





Holistic, functional dietary advice to treat and prevent chronic disease + high quality, medical grade nutrients to offer focused effective support.


Safe and gentle form of medicine that stimulate's your body's ability to heal utilizing the Law of Similars or "like cures like."



Various parts of plants used in varying forms to create unique and powerful natural medicine that support both physical and emotional healing.


Therapies to support the healing of physical manifestations of mental/emotional sources. Including craniosacral therapy, a light-tough technique that promotes the nervous system's ability to adapt to trauma and stress.



Combination of techniques to safely and efficiently support the body's elimination of toxic waste.


Habits and therapies to support a healthy aging process including PRP therapy to use the body's own growth factors to stimulate regeneration of collagen.




I typically see what I consider to be conditions resulting from "modern living"; with stress being a key source. Although everyone these days pretty much accepts stress as a normal part of life, the reality is that long-term stress can have devastating effects and cause many imbalances which lead to so many of the common chronic diseases seen today. This can manifest as:

  • digestive disorders

  • skin conditions such as eczema, acne, unknown rashes

  • anxiety/mood disorders

  • thyroid conditions

  • PCOS

  • PMS

  • hormone imbalances

  • low energy

  • frequent headaches/migraines

  • weight fluctuations

  • food/environmental allergies

  • pain

  • fertility issues

With my in-depth intake process and thorough testing, I am able to get a complete picture and work with you to identify the specific stressors causing your body to display the symptoms ailing you. From there, we work together to remove what needs to be removed and nourish what has been depleted.