I learned that the mind-body connection is real and healing years of suppression does wonders for wellbeing and beauty.
— Dr. Nadia Musavvir

My educational background before medicine was in kinesiology and nutrition (and before that, makeup artist!). I LOVED nutrition but when deciding what to do after graduating I didn’t want to pursue the conventional path becoming a dietitian because it just didn’t appeal to me. I had always been raised with a more holistic approach toward eating and living.

Being Pakistani and Mexican, I was fortunate that I had a lot of tried-and-true botanical wisdom passed on to me from both cultures so taking prescription medications/pharmaceuticals was a last resort. As such, I regularly took herbs and I went to acupuncturists in lieu of conventional doctors.

During my final year of undergrad, I learned of a school that offered a doctorate of naturopathic medicine where I would learn about nutrition in a holistic manner, learn acupuncture, homeopathy, botanical medicine, acupuncture AND conventional medicine curriculum—I knew that was the route that would be perfect for me.

Now, I run my own virtual practice because it felt like it was my only option with the way I envisioned practicing. That said, my cultural background and my mini stint as a makeup artist and beauty advisor with Lancome, are very key to my journey and the way I practice medicine. 

I learned that the mind-body connection is real and healing years of suppression does wonders for wellbeing and beauty. I also learned of my obsession with skin (and that I hated doing makeup for others lol).

I remember wondering: why did some people have perfect flawless skin and others not, yet both were using the same products? Why were some people exhibiting incredible results upon starting a topical regimen that I would sell them and others not?

I knew there had to be more than was meeting the eye; I recognized then that there was a connection with everything going on within our minds and bodies and what was on visible on the outside.

It is now my goal to connect the two and empower people to address the issues going on inside first to have the effect they want on the outside.





Dr. Musavvir is a licensed naturopathic doctor using Eastern and Western philosophies and methods to restore the body’s normal physiology in order to get to the root of medical concerns. She offers customized solutions for health and aesthetic concerns for her patients. Her approach goes beyond symptom control and cosmetic treatments, instead, she provides patients with the necessary tools to create healing that starts from within and reflects outward. She is able to draw the link between emotions and health utilizing treatments to address the emotional body as well as the physical body.

Alongside her Naturopathic degree, Dr. Musavvir holds a bachelor’s of science in kinesiology as well as a health-coaching certificate. She has pursued additional training in her particular areas of interest allowing her treatments to encompass health coaching, functional medicine, craniosacral therapy as well as PRP facial & hair restoration treatments.*

Conditions seen: PCOS, PMS, aging/skin concerns, fatigue, weight management, IBS, digestive concerns

*Craniosacral therapy and PRP treatments available in Southern California only.



Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Holistic Health Counselor


• California Naturopathic Doctor's Association, Member


• California