Flowers blooming, pollen floating ..and spring allergies. Time to bust out all the allergy meds, eye drops, nasal sprays, etc. You can predict your symptoms as the signs of spring appear; but what if you could stop this? I'll tell you a secret that most people don't realize:

The key to allergies is managing how your body reacts (specifically, your immune system) And your gut or digestive system regulates your immune system. This is partly why you see some people that get really bad allergies while some don't get any! 

SO at risk of sounding like a broken record; the secret to dealing with your allergies (and basically everything else) is optimizing digestion! I used to get HORRIBLE seasonal allergies, but in my own healing journey, as I corrected my digestion, my allergies gradually disappeared! 

I realize getting digestion under control is more of a long-term solution, so in the meantime-- here are some tips to get you through the spring! 

  • Eat a lot of antioxidant-rich foods. When we experience allergies, what is happening at a cellular level is that histamine gets released from cells (that's why if you look at your allergy meds they're typically "anti-histamine"). Antioxidants can help those cells from breaking open and releasing histamine. Foods to consider: berries, greens, green tea.

  • Have a way to purify the air around you. HEPA filters are great to have in the home, You can also consider salt inhalers and nasal rinsing to rid your respiratory passages of the day-to-day pollutants in your environment.

  • Avoid having fragrance-based air fresheners and/or candles. Anything with "fragrance" in the ingredients is LOADED with chemicals and can potentially contribute to your seasonal allergies.

  • Avoid foods that you know are an issue for you. Doing so adds more to your body/immune system's workload in the form of inflammation.

As I mentioned, the key is to improve digestion.  By improving digestion, you improve your body's response to the "outside world."