If you've been following along with me on social media, you probably have seen that I am soon releasing my first product (!!)

This is really exciting and special for me because it's something I have been wanting to do but wanting to do in a way that felt right for me. With the growth of clean beauty products and the trend of cosmeceuticals, it was important for me come out with something that wasn't just a trend.. and furthermore something that was in line with my philosophies.

So why a gua sha?

The practice of healing massage has been around for centuries and even something I grew up with. My mom and all her sisters were (and are) avid skincare enthusiasts; they taught me from a young age that when it comes to skin, prevention is KEY. They taught me how to massage serums and creams on the face, the appropriate pressure, the correct direction and technique to prevent wrinkles (and to always, always wash my face at night, of course).

When I learned about gua sha, the practice of using a tool to massage the skin, all those memories and lessons came flooding back because many of the techniques are the same-- all using the basic principle of "up and out." But what makes gua sha even more fascinating is its long-standing use and practice of massage techniques that not only addresses skin concerns but also addresses organ imbalances according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

So for example- losing volume under the eyes and mid face which can give a "sagging" appearance; you can use a gua sha regularly to lift and tighten the skin but you can also use it along the stomach meridian on the body! Which, according to Traditional Chinese medicine is weak or imbalanced when you see that aging pattern. The light pressure in correct directions also helps promote movement and drainage of lymph (our body's filtration system). Taking it a step further, you can apply dietary and lifestyle principles to strengthen that organ system really taking a whole-body, slow beauty approach to aesthetics. 

(OK but what is gua sha??)

The practice of gua sha, a scraping massage, is said to improve signs of aging because the act of scraping is stimulating circulation bringing a fresh flow of blood and oxygen to the skin. This influx of nutrients, known in Traditional Chines Medicine as "Qi," enhances the skin's quality, reduces clogged pores, helps control acne, tightens the skin and promotes a radiant complexion

Traditionally gua sha was practiced in Ancient China using tools made out of the bian stone. This stone has rich history in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is said to have been the precursor to acupuncture. It was formed when a meteorite collided with the Earth and was used therapeutically when doctors in Ancient China noticed that musicians who played instruments made out of that stone were living longer. The stone is said to have over 40 trace minerals, has therapeutic healing properties from the infrared and ultrasonic pulses it created and from the negative ions it produces. Basically translates into an antioxidant or anti-aging effect that helps with pain, stress and wrinkles. 

For this reason, I have chosen to have my first product, a gua sha tool, made out of the bian stone which you can purchase here. I also chose bian over other stones because from my experience, it’s far less fragile— I have owned many gua shas in the past, all of which broke fairly quickly :( The design and thickness make it versatile for both use on the face and body.

The anti-aging and wellness benefits appear over time with regular and long-term use however there are some immediate benefits:

  • decreased muscular or sinus tension/pain

  • decreased puffiness (perfect after a night of drinking.. or eating too much gluten!)

  • refreshed and glowing face