Over the years, I have made many attempts with using natural deodorants— trying different brands, DIY homemade versions, rocks, pastes, gels, etc.. And at first they’re alright but after about a week or 2, I always feel like I sweat more and would end up going back to a conventional deodorant + anti perspirant formula. KNOWING that what makes the anti-perspirant work is the aluminum zirconium but I always justified it, “Well if I’m taking care of all these other areas— diet, skincare, supplements, exercise— then I can have my ‘guilty pleasure’ chemical deodorant+anti perspirant,” right??


A little over a month ago, I tested my hair for heavy metals + mineral status and had aluminum and zirconium show up IN MY HAIR! It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me because I was well-aware that I was using something, almost daily, that contained aluminum but something about seeing it on paper, seeing that my lifestyle, genetics, etc wasn’t enough to keep it from accumulating to a more alarming level really triggered the need to change something.

Why is aluminum a big deal?

It is a considered a genotoxin ( a chemical that can cause changes to a cell that may lead to cancer) and a neurotoxicant (substance that negatively affects the nervous system). These can lead to changes in the brain impairing memory, energy, kidney and liver function (2 key organs for elimination of wastes). Studies do not state that it is carcinogenic (causes cancer) or that it causes Alzhiemer’s but regardless— the changes it causes to the brain and elimination organs get in the way of optimal function and as decreased efficiency and function starts occurring in the body, that’s when you pave the way for chronic disease.

The other concern (and the reason why after 1-2 weeks you cant handle natural deodorants and want to switch back to a conventional formula) is this: the anti-perspirant effect comes from aluminum’s ability to block sweat from being released from the sweat gland. Sweat is one of the ways the body eliminates waste and toxins through the skin (another key organ for elimination- I’ve now named 3 elimination organs affected by aluminum). By using anti-perspirant regularly, you’re holding on to this waste; when you make the switch, if you’ve noticed an increase in sweat (and stench ..gross but lets be adults) after a week or so it’s because you’re now releasing what you had been blocking off… yes, even more disgusting.

So now what?

It can be so uncomfortable but I came across a few things that helped the transition and might be helpful for you too if you decide it’s time.

  • Axillary detox: I thought this was fake when I first heard of it but it’s not! and it works! Mix some apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay, 1 teaspoon each + water to get to whatever consistency you like. Apply over the axillary (armpit) region, wait 10-20 min and rinse off. The idea is you’re drawing out waste and impurities to minimize that discomfort of increased sweat (and smell) when switching

  • Chlorophyll: you can get drops to put in your water or capsules, to alkalize your body and aid in more efficient elimination of waste

  • Probiotic and probiotic containing foods to build intestinal health with good bactiera that help prevent the absorption of toxins from the digestive tract.

  • More of these foods: flax seeds, chia seeds, leafy greens, buckwheat, brown rice, broccoli— all of these help the liver and digestive system efficiently remove waste

  • Tea: dandelion tea, green tea, rooibos tea. These are antioxidant and detoxifying.

I posted the natural deodorants that I like best on social media and products I like including the chlorophyll, probiotic and herbal teas are all available on my curated dispensary. If you want more information about doing a hair mineral analysis or a medically guided biotransformation program, contact us:

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